About Mobills Team

  • Mobills Team all together
  • Mobills Team all together
  • Mobills Headquarters and the team.
  • Mobills Headquarters and the team.

Meet us

Mobills is a simple personal finance manager. It was created on 2013 by David Mosiah and Carlos Terceiro, two technology students passionate for simple solutions to daily problems. The company is localized in Fortaleza - Ceará, Brazil.

The idea was born when they realized that, for many times, they were out of money in the end of month. They could see that it was a common problem of a lot of people. They never knew where the money was going.

Mobills has reached more than 1.5 million downloads on Google Play and it has a lot of subscribers on the web version. We learned that listening the users is the best solution to improve the app, and for that reason, Mobills comes with an innovate way to manage your expenses.

At the beginning the development was only for Android smartphones, but it was available on the web and now you can use it on iOS. Using social media concepts, simple design, all data are totally synchronized and safe because we use Cloud Sync Technology.

We've users around the world that enjoy tracking their money with the best expense tracker. Mobills is available in more than 7 languages and more languages will be available in the next year.

Since 2013 we've been working hard to bring the best solutions when it comes to money management and this is why we work as a big family and we care about every employee that are with us until now.

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Become the best and most complete personal finance app and financial education platform.


We dedicate our time on helping people. We make their dreams come true by making a financial plan and manage their personal finances.


Quality, security, people values, work as a team in a collaborative way and a cool work place.