The Mobills Application ( "Application" or "Mobills") was developed for you ( "User") by Mobills Labs Soluções in Tecnologia, CNPJ under No. 20256063 / 0001-10, headquartered in Brazil - Avenida Santos Dumont, 304 , room 403, Fortaleza / CE, CEP 60150-160 ( "Mobills"), with the main objective of serving as your personal finance manager. So you can use Mobills app, among others to register all of your accounts, expenses and income, always having your financial control at hand. The data are available on your cell phone, tablet and computer, with friendly and interactive interface, with several graphics available for you, allowing you planning your expenses, setting how much to spend per month.

Using the Application will be made in accordance with the provisions of these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (“Terms"), with which you manifest, free, express and informed consent in relation to the entire document, including any warnings, disclaimers, among others that can be displayed while using the application. If you do not accept or do not agree with any of the provisions of the Terms, or any changes to these, should refrain from using the application immediately.

Any questions, complaints, suggestions or comments you have regarding these Terms or the application may be directed to support@mobills.com.br or by Skype "mobillsapp".


1 Conditions for access and use of Mobills Application
1.1 Access

To do so you can use the application and its tools, you must perform prior registration, fast and practical, providing the requested information, with fairness and accuracy, keeping them up to date, being prohibited the inclusion of false information and / or third parties without authorization of these.

The application can be provided for free or for a fee, with the prices shown in the Mobills Shop and our Web Site, available on http://www.mobillsapp.com. Some of the application features are available only to "PRO" version.

Mobills reserves the right at any time to start charging for downloading and / or use the Software and / or any features; it does not constitute additional guarantee, or any extension of Mobills responsibility for the provided in these Terms.

1.2 Use a secure password

It is User's sole responsibility to choose a secure password to access the application, it has to contain uppercase and lowercase characters, numbers and symbols (@, #, *, etc.) and should keep it secret and refrain from providing it to third parties, including accounting professionals, which eventually request it for any purpose, and use appropriate technologies to protect your privacy with third parties, especially on mobile devices.

1.3 The application usage

The application usage must be based on respect to all applicable laws, as well as moral and ethical conduct. Whenever you are in doubt whether any of your conduct may violate any of these points, we recommend that you do not continue with your act. Thus, among others, we bring the following rules:

a) The user declares that they have the necessary permission to insert data and take responsibility for doing so.

b) The information entered by the User on Mobills Social tool must be true, being the User solely responsible for inserting false information.

c) Mobills is not responsible for any action taken by the user based on the application data they entered.

d) Mobills does not guarantee the present information available on Mobills Social, being the User solely responsible for checking and validating the information submitted before taking any action based on them

e) The User may not post any illegal content or any manner contrary to morals and good customs or that violates rights of third parties, such as, but not limited to: defamatory or pornographic content;

f) Users should not share any hyperlink that leads to illicit or malicious content or that in any way violates moral and good customs. Mobills is not responsible for inserting hyperlinks; any hyperlink shared with the user is their responsibility.

In any event, the User is solely responsible for their use of the Application, as well as the inserted content. If you find any content it deems violate the rights, the User should contact Mobills support immediately by email (support@mobills.com.br) or by Skype (mobillsapp).

2 Intellectual Property

The User is aware that the rights in relation to the completeness of the application tools such as data files, text, software, audio files, photos, videos, graphics and others, these are not limited to(termed " Material ") are owned by Mobills, or third parties, reproduced with permission where necessary.

Any use in violation of the above provisions can only be done with prior written permission of Mobills, which can be obtained through an official contact channel

3 Exclusion of warranties and liability

Mobills take every effort and constantly invests, so that all data users are stored in the best possible way! Mobills, however, does not guarantee that the information registered on the Application will be available at all time, given that it may also be excluded in specific situations, regardless of prior notice. Nevertheless, it is the User solely keeps a copy of all the information available on the application that they wish. Mobills will not, under any circumstances, be liable for any damages resulting from the application access interruption, and / or information, regardless of the reason that causes the suspension, whether executed by third-party fault or not.

Mobills will take every effort to insure that the scheduler works with the utmost perfection, this does not replace the need of the user to manually control some features. Mobills cannot be held responsible in the case of any instability and/or malfunction of the scheduler.

The User also exempts Mobills any liability resulting from misuse of the application and for damages of any nature that may result from the transmission, dissemination, availability, reception or access to their information. Also, regardless of form, free or paid, it is not offered any warranty, express or implied, of any kind, whether in relation to its operation, whether in relation to the availability of information.

Regarding the payment method, Mobills does not perform refund after the payment. The User may continue to use the Application by the acquired time, it will be given due support during their time using the application. After the subscription plan if the User does not renew, the features that are available exclusively for PRO user, they will be automatically disabled, then their data of these features may also be excluded, regardless of any prior notice.

The maximum extent permitted by applicable law, the maximum amount for which Mobills takes liability should not exceed any amount paid by the User when purchased the application.

4 Duration and Termination

Access to the application will be available indefinitely, and may Mobills in its sole discretion, at any time and regardless of reason or prior notice, delete profiles, deny, suspend or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the user's access to the application without being liable to pay any damages or compensation to those users.


Please read the instructions below very carefully, which clarify in an objective and direct way about the collection of information, usage, storage, processing and storage of data while using the application, procedures for which you manifest, free express and informed.
1 What information do we collect and store?

Mobills collects and stores the data provided voluntarily by the User, while using the application, for example, the information provided when registering their account on the Application, and the data entered while using the application, by filling forms, including expenses, income, financial information and credit, dreams, goals and budgets, these are not limited.

Mobills can still collect and store data collected automatically by the application, regardless of supply by the User. Obtaining information in each access such as, but not limited to, device characteristics of access, browser, IP number with date and time information, IP source, accessed features, information about clicks and navigation preferably geolocation , among others. Mobills may also use other technologies such as cookies, to collect User information and improve their browsing experience. Some features may be locked, but may impede the operation of some features of the application.

Thus, the User is already aware about the information collected by the Application, and they express free consent and informed with respect to such procedures.

The information collected is treated by Mobills as confidential, and any employee or service provider that have contact with these information undertake not to misrepresent their use, and not to the use of dissonant manner as provided in these Terms. Mobills uses reasonable efforts of market to ensure the security system protection to keep their data saved.

2 How do we use information collected?

The information collected will be used for the normal functioning of the application, upgrade it and improve it, and will facilitate the User profile identification and their needs, in order to customize and improve the supply of products and services by Mobills.

The information inserted on the application may, statistics and anonymised form (not individual), be transferred to third parties, free of charge or not, and used for advertising purposes, since the provider needs to be sure that User's identification will not be possible through the data provided by the User, of course, the user give the consent, expressed and informed for doing so, as required by Law No. 12,965 / 2014, Marco Civil Internet.

Any information collected may be deleted when no longer necessary or relevant for the purpose that justified its collection and treatment, given that no personal data traffics by the application or will be stored in any location, physical or remote after their exclusion. The User can uninstall the Application at any time or fail to use it, so you should be aware that, even in these latter cases, Mobills respect the minimum storage period of information required by Brazilian law.

3 With whom do we share the information collected?

Mobills may share data with reference to the other partner companies in the User immediately agree expressly, which may occur especially in the following cases: (i) if the business viability and / or services offered by Mobills depends on transfer the data partners; (Ii) to protect the Mobills of interest in any kind of conflict, including lawsuits, such as, but not limited to, when there is a need to identify or disclose User data that is using the Application for illicit purposes; (Iii) in the case of transactions and corporate changes involving Mobills; and (iv) by court order or by request of administrative authorities holding legal authority to request.

4 How do we store the information collected?

The following precautions are take by Mobills in the custody and treatment of information from users: (a) use the standard methods and market to anonymize the data collected. (b)possess mechanisms of protection against unauthorized access to our systems. (c)only authorize access to previously established people to places where we store the information. (d) And those who come in contact with the information must commit to maintain absolute secrecy. The breach of confidentiality will result in civil liability and the responsibility will be processed along the lines of Brazilian law.

Such precautions, however, do not guarantee all data that is stored on the Application will not accessed by malicious third parties, using methods developed for information improperly. As a result, Mobills is not responsible for illegal access, as well as acts of third parties who are able to succeed in collecting or use by any means, data and information registered on the Application by the User.

Not necessarily, the information will be stored on servers located in Brazil and could be sent to any country where Mobills has servers.

5 Exclusion of information?

You can request at any time, deleting all data included in Mobills through the application through one of the contact forms specified in these Terms. With this, you no longer have access to any of the features of the application. If you are using a PRO version of the application, after the deletion request to reactivate your account, you need to pay for a new period of Mobills PRO.

We will work to answer your request in the shortest possible time, given that after the deletion, the data can no longer be recovered. The User should be aware, however, that the information required by the law will be stored for a minimum period of time provided by the applicable rules.


1 Updating of these Terms

In the event of any changes in these Terms, especially regarding the treatment we give to information if there is a legal obligation, the users will be notified via e-mail registered on the Application about such changes, or through notices on the Application and should stop using it if you do not agree with any modifications.

2 Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms shall be governed, construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the Federative Republic of Brazil, regardless of conflicts of these laws with the laws of other states or countries, being competent the User's place of residence Forum in Brazil to settle any doubt arising from this instrument. The User consents expressly to the jurisdiction of that court, and renounces hereby to the jurisdiction of any other jurisdiction, however privileged it is or may be.

3 Contact

If necessary we contact you, this will be done through the e-mail address informed when your registration on the application, or through messages available on the Application itself.

For questions, suggestions or complaints, the User can contact the Mobills through one of the following ways:

E-mail: support@mobills.com.br Skype: “mobillsapp”

Last update: 06.12.2014.